IgA Deficiency: Any Treatments ??

Marc mns at onepine.com
Thu Jun 22 00:43:12 EST 2000

                        Thanks for your response. I have an appointment
to see an allergist next
month, a recommendation from another physician. I will take you up on
you suggestion concerning lactobacillus and let you know. Greatly
appreciate your response to my post, glad that you found something that
apparently works. I went through an entire battery of test shots a few
years back (pneumonia, tetanus, etc, etc....) only to be told that
nothing could be done (Mt.Sinai immunology dept. in New York). Will keep
informed of any progress and/or prescriptions that I come up with.
Thanks again,


redward wrote:

> Marc-
> I am a 44 year old male diagnosed with IgA deficiency about 3
> years ago.  For me the symptoms are continuous colds from
> October through May-1 every 2-3 weeks.  My internist is a gastro
> specialist who sits on various FDA committees.  In addition he
> has degrees in pharmacology and nutrition.  He mentioned that
> some of the leading edge research on crohn's disease suggests
> that using lactobacillus can create IgA's in the intestinal
> tract.  In January I started taking Lactobacillus GG 2x a day
> and have not had a cold since mid February.  On occassion, when
> I have felt a cold coming on(about 3 or 4 times)I have used a
> product called Zicam which is a zinc nasal spray.  The
> combination seems to be very effective for me.  I have 3 kids
> and that I have managed to avoid illness is a unique
> experience.  Beyond that, the only things I do is  minimize
> sugar and work out regularly.  Hope this helps.
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