Seeking Immunologists in San Diego

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Thu Jun 22 13:19:45 EST 2000

MedCell Biologics, Inc (www.medcellbio.com) is a private
biopharmaceutical company located in San Diego with the following job

Production Scientist/Biomanufacturing- Ph.D. in bioengineering,
immunology or other relevant field or BS or MS with 3 or more years
experience in large-scale culture of human cells.  Knowledge and
experience with large-scale mammalian cell culture, large-scale immune
cell subset purification techniques, cGMP manufacturing of biological
products, process monitoring of oxygen, pH, glucose, lactate and
ammonia, endotoxin assay and sterility testing.  Experience with
preparation of LAK cells, TIL cells, dendritic cells, stem cells or
cells for bone marrow transplantation for infusion is highly desired.   

Immunologist/QA-QC- Ph.D. in Immunology or equivalent field or BS or MS
with 3 or more years experience with immunological techniques. 
Experience in flow cytometry analysis of cell viability, DNA analysis
and intracellular cytokine expression,  RNA protectionase assay, RT-PCR,
cytokine ELISA, NK function assay, measurement of T-proliferative
responses, immunomagnetic purification of T-cell subpopulations, 
measurement of cytotoxic T-cell activity and quantitation of functional
T-cells by limiting dilution is desired.  Familiarity with cGMP for
biologicals would be helpful. 

Research Scientist/Technician:  BS/MS Immunology or related discipline
with over 2 years experience in immunological techniques.  Experience in
isolating and characterizing human lymphocytes, tissue culture (e.g.,
establishing and maintaining cultures of primary  human cells), flow
cytometry and general immunological methodology (e.g., cytokine ELISAs,
internal cytokine staining and cell proliferation assays). 

Research Scientist/Technician: BS/MS with 3 years experience in
molecular biology and immunology. The candidate will be highly familiar
with the FACS staining and analysis of cell surface markers, and
cell-based assays related to immunology or inflammation. The candidate
will be skilled in working with antibodies and most aspects of molecular
biology including RNA isolation, PCR, and northern and western blot
analyses. The applicant must have excellent verbal and written
communication skills, be highly organized, and capable of handling
concurrent projects. Preference will be given to candidates with
experience in immunology, inflammation or a related field.

Interested applicants should send a cover letter, CV and salary history

Dr Micheal Gruenberg
mgruenberg at medcellbio.com

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