Allergies and autoimmune problems

RSAMSON18 at cs.com RSAMSON18 at cs.com
Sat Jun 24 16:21:36 EST 2000

The book "MS Something Can Be Done and You Can Do It" by Robert W. Soll, M.D.,
Ph.D., favors The Composite Theory which includes both The Viral Theory and 
Autoimmune Theory.  He includes food allergies in the autoimmune part.  One
interesting fact is that MS is more prevalent among women.  One study said 
were 75% of the affected and another statistic said they were 60%.  This 
that the reproductive capability might be involved.  There might be an 
response to the foetus and/or there might be a response to the semen and 
sperm from the male.  The age pattern also favors this.
Ralph L. Samson


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