Allergies and autoimmune problems

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> The book "MS Something Can Be Done and You Can Do It" by Robert W.
Soll, M.D.,
> Ph.D., favors The Composite Theory which includes both The Viral
Theory and
> the
> Autoimmune Theory.  He includes food allergies in the autoimmune
part.  One
> interesting fact is that MS is more prevalent among women.  One study
> women
> were 75% of the affected and another statistic said they were 60%.
> suggests
> that the reproductive capability might be involved.  There might be
> autoimmune
> response to the foetus and/or there might be a response to the semen
> sperm from the male.  The age pattern also favors this.
> Ralph L. Samson
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You may be interested to look at my web site (below) and the article on
Behcet's syndrome. This has a lot to say about MS. It shows how the
disease is likely to be a combination of auto-immune reactivity (auto-
rejection), response to hidden infection and some elements of
vasculitis BUT, all of these are manifestions of the immune rejection.
It also has a lot to say on why women have a higher incidence of MS but
men get a more severe form of the illness. It shows how a variety of
factors affect it and it shows that, along with many other "auto-
rejective" illnesses it is modulated by menstruation, pregnancy, stress
and aging (the Clinical Morphostasis article has more to say on this).


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