IgA Deficiency: Any Treatments

Jay Mone jaymone at paonline.com
Sun Jun 25 20:51:47 EST 2000

I read with interest your post about IgA deficiency, and the suggestion of
lactobacillus as a treatment.  As a microbiologist, I have never seen
anything suggesting that lactobacillis has any therapeutic effect on this
disorder, which, presumably, has a genetic basis.  As you probably know,
antibodies (of which IgA is one type), are very specific for the substances
which induce their production.  A cold virus induces Abs against that
particular virus, and no other.  With these two basic ideas (genetics and
specificity) on the table, I fail to see how lactobacillis would induce Abs
against anything other than lactobacillis.  It is very likely, although I'm
not that familiar with this area of the literature, that lactobacillis
induces IgA Abs (in people who can produce them) since the bacteria inhabits
the intestinal surfaces (among other places) where IgA is the most important
Ab type.  How this would help you prevent colds and other respiratory
infections is beyond me.  If you have some insight, I would be interested in
learning about it.

Jay Mone'


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