Turkey Immunology

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> I am just beginning to study the viral immune response in turkeys.  I am
> currently trying to find what if any reagents are available.  What assays
> have been developed specifically for studying turkey cytokine responses
> (either mAbs or primers).  Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Hello Matt,

I've started doing the same thing for the Pekin duck. Outside of sequences
already published for turkey the only thing I can suggest from the PCR
side is to start with sequences for chicken homologues - I used this
approach to amplify a segment of 2',5' - oligoadenylate synthase from cDNA
prepared from PHA-stimulated duck spleen cells. There are some sequences
available for the duck interferon alpha and gamma so these can be aligned
with the chicken counterparts which might improve in primer design.

As far as antibody reagents are concerned the only thing I can advise is
read, read and read - mention of cross-reactive antibodies are usually
embedded in papers without easy-to-obtain reference in the paper
abstract/keyword listing (making searches through PubMed/Medline almost
useless). I have read that an anti-TNF antibody produced by Genzyme (no
affiliations) cross-reacts with duck TNF alpha in immunohistochemical
studies on duck eye development.

That's about all I can suggest for now.

Keep in touch.


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