Monensin v BFA

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I haven't actually done any intracellular staining for cytokines, however,
it was a hot topic on the Purdue Cytometry Mailing list a while back.  I
believe that the consensus was that the choice between monensin and BFA
depended upon the cytokine in question.  It would probably be helpful to
check out the mailing list archive at


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> I have been debating whether to use BFA or monensin to block golgi
> of cytokine before intracellular flow cytometery staining of human PBMC
> cultures. As far as I am aware monensin is probably the best candidate
> I have read that BFA can affect the expression of some CD markers (CD69)
> although it apparently has greater toxicity. However I have been unable to
> find a protocol or paper with the correct concentration and volume of
> monensin to add to a given number of cells. Any suggestions to these
> would be appreciated.
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