CD-16 Antibody

Vernon Drake vdrake at
Thu Mar 23 14:35:48 EST 2000

Hi, Stuart!

This will probably be of no assistance but, the eosinophil, moreover, is
the same protein, or one very much like it that appears to be
responsible for attacks on human cells by an amoeba that causes severe

An older method was done independently by Henkart and Podack in 1984. A
process of isolation and then a technique of fractionation. The object
of which is to break  up a cell into its components and find out what
components contain or carries out a particular function. The cellular
debris is layered onto a gradient of inert particles and then spun in a
high-speed centrifuge. The various organelles come to rest, depending on
their density, in discrete bands. Each fraction is viewed by the
electron microscope and assayed for their activity.

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