New Active Portal on Science - Biology - Immunology

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Fri Mar 24 22:32:34 EST 2000

We have developed a new Active Portal web page on

Science - Biology - Immunology

It has links to hundreds of pages. Please check it out! Thanks.

The address is:

This page has been developed as part of the Active Portal
Project in the Computer Science Department at the University of 
Wisconsin, an ongoing research project.

An active portal is a page devoted to a particular topic
but with a difference.

The active portal is seeded with a number of a pages known 
to be about a topic. A search agent then learns the
characteristics of those pages and then seeks out similar pages.
This search agent runs automatically and continuously. Thus the 
active portal, unlike manually-compiled portals like Yahoo, 
continually discovers new pages about a topic. In addition, 
it ranks a page based on a combined measure of its popularity
and content level.

The active portal also features a sign-up box for a mailing
list that is used to alert its members to new pages that the
search agent discovers.

Please feel free to reply to this message with any comments.

Best regards,

Matt Zeidenberg
University of Wisconsin
Computer Science Dept.

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