Immunosuppressive corticoteroids?

Russell Farris tryggvi at
Mon May 22 13:01:49 EST 2000

        I have read that prednisilone has 30 times the anti-inflammatory
power of cortisol. Is its immunosuppressive power anywhere near as high?
Taking the immunosuppressive qualities of hydrocortisone as "1," what are
the relative immunosuppressive qualities of the following corticosteroids?

        - Cortisone
        - Hydrocortisone (cortisol)
        - prednisone
        - Prednisilone

        If figures on their immunosuppressive power are lacking, what do you
think their proper rank-ordering should be, listed from least to most

        Thanks. And thanks for all of the help I have been given on this
list in the past.

Russ Farris

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