Netrophil isolation problem

Bryan Heit bjheit at
Thu Nov 16 12:01:36 EST 2000

Does that method of isolation activate the neutophils?  My experiment
requires unactivated neutrophils, which is why I chose dextran
sedimentation over other methods.  Also, can the Mono-poly resolving
medium be used with whole (and anticoagulated) blood, or is another 
purification satep required beforehand?


On Thu, 16 Nov 2000, Alberto Clivio wrote:

> Dear Bryan,
> I think there are 2 solutions to your problem:
> 1) check the molecular weight of your Dextran: it usually works very well with
> high molecular weight dextran (>500.000).
> 2) you might use a special "Mono-poly resolving medium" you can get from
> different companies, which avoids the dextran separation step and gives two
> sharp bands of white cells: the upper band is mononuclear cells, the lower one
> granulocytes. RBC sediment at the bottom of the tube.
> Alberto Clivio
> Milano, Italy

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