Immunology questions & terminology

Ruankevin ruankevin at
Sat Nov 25 04:58:01 EST 2000

> Anostica

>1. One thing I'm curious about is why is it that the major
>histocompatibility complex in humans is called Human Leukocyte Antigen

Because HLA can be recognized by an other patient (during transplantation for

>2. Also, I've been asked to state which cells express the proteins for
>Class I and class II antigens?

almost all cells express class I . Class II are expressed by monocytes abd
activated lymphocytes and dendritic cells

>But are those Class I and Class II antibodies?

Class I and classII are not antibodies at all  but they recognize antigen
(after degradation of antigen) and they are associated with peptides derived
from antigen.

>And can the words MHC's
>and antibodies be used interchangeabily?

not at all !!!!

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