Biotech Job Opening/San Diego

Micheal Gruenberg mgruenberg at
Tue Nov 28 01:15:49 EST 2000

MedCell Biologics, Inc ( an emerging
biopharmaceutical company is seeking highly motivated, risk adverse
entrepeneurial scientists to join our team.  If you are bright, loyal
and motivated by the opportunity to possibly make $1 million in stock
options please apply to mgruenberg at

Research Scientists: PhD with 5+ years experience in immunology. The
candidate will be highly familiar with the FACS staining and analysis of
cell surface markers, and cell-based assays related to immunology of
inflammation. The candidate will be skilled in working with antibodies
and most aspects of molecular biology including RNA isolation, PCR, and
northern and western blot analyses. Knowledge of differentiation signals
for development of Th1 or Th2 phenotype and signaling events controlling
T-cell proliferation and differential cytokine production highly
desirable. Knowledge of tumor immunology also a plus. The applicant must
have excellent verbal and written communication skills, be highly
organized, and capable of handling concurrent projects.

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