Question about Protein A purification of IgG

Flochy bullock at
Mon Oct 9 08:40:06 EST 2000

In article <39e0eaf5$1 at>, "aeon" <antsare deadly> 
> I am a Med.Sci. student who is really desiring the answers to these two
> questions for an upcoming report.
> 1. What is the molecular basis for the selective binding of IgG by protein
> A?
> 2. What is the difference between Protein A and Protein G in relation to
> their Ig class binding specificities?
> Thank you for your response.
> Aeon

Hi! Sorry I can't help you. I'm looking for a protocol of Protein A 
affinity chromatography, in order to purify normal rabbit IgG. Anyone 
who could help me... thx!

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