PolyA-PolyU versus Fruend's Adjuvant

juniorbiotech at my-deja.com juniorbiotech at my-deja.com
Wed Oct 11 13:50:33 EST 2000

I recently read a research article and in "Laboratory Animals" that
using Poly adenylic-Poly uradylic (PolyA-PolyU) as an adjuvant in
immunizing mice for developing mAbs produces better fusion efficiency
than the traditional Fruend's adjuvant.

And apparently it doesn't cause the physical distress that Fruend's
adjuvant normally does.  Im aware of RIBI, but am also interested if
anyone here has any experience using PolyA-PolyU.

Has anyone employed the use of these substance for their own mouse

Thanks for you help

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