Male Baldness Myth! Aliens Playing With Humans!

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Wed Oct 11 19:38:27 EST 2000

So you think that male pattern baldness is
 natural. Your getting alittle older and notice
 that every time you wake up in the morning
 your hair line is diminishing and the
 hair near your crown is thinning.

 But your only 30 years old? Don't like the
 bald look and envy men with full heads of hair.
 What about those women your age who have
 fantastic hair? Why aren't they losing their hair?

 So, you've read up on the subject and heard everything
 from testosterone, blood flow loss, to the diet you
 eat__effecting the amount of hair on your head.
 Then, there are those so-called medical professionals that
 say certain type of diseases cause male balding.

 They are all wrong and creating false markets where they
 can rake in huge amounts of cash! Similar to the "whole
 internet business" thing and especially the bogus
 "Y2K" scenario. All in order to make alot of money.

 So, why is your hair thinning?

 Before I answer that question let me tell you about me.
 I was a very muscular guy in my twenties. I use to pump
 iron on a daily basis and run about30 miles a week.
 I was, and am, human. Like most guys my age(thirty something)
 my hair was thinning slowly. I thought, hey baldness is
 genetics___so why worry.

 Okay, in 1993 I was illegally incarcerated for about a year.
 I was chemically experimented on___I was basically chemically
 castrated in jail(Las Vegas).

 When I was released, due to no testosterone in my body,
 my hair grew enormously. My head was totally covered with
 thick and luscious brown-black hair. So what I'm saying is
 if you want great hair get neutered? No, that's not what
 I'm saying.
 (I'll keep on posting until my hair starts growing back
 like a "chea-pet")

 After I was released I noticed that when I woke up in the morning some
of my chest hairs were turning white___as were
 the hairs on my head. Slowly, the hairs on my head started falling out,
sort-a systematically. My hair line was receading,
 the thick
 luscious hair was being burnt out of my head, and all that was
 left was the soft short hair accompanied with male pattern baldness.

 Did my testosterone increase? So what was happening?

 I was being "taken down unfairly" by the CESS(cultural elite ss) psycho
alien race". The RACE has been the cause of all
 my problems, including the illegal incarceration and castration. The
 alien. They are advanced and keep humans as slaves. Male pattern
baldness is not only a function of testosterone level
 a function of the psycho aliens intervening in the lives of
 human beings. The RACE is basically removing the hair from my head__ as
they doing to hundred of thousands of human
 males who
 are being kept as slaves.

 In addition, many, if not all, male diseases are the result
 of the RACE's intervention in human males lives. From
 "prostate cancer" to testicular cancer___they are taking human males
down unfairly. Why? Because human males are
 their only
 worry or concern. Human males will never accept the "alien psycho race"
and it is the human males who will oranize a
 revolt against the "occupation of American" and the enslavement of
humans. So, the humans who don't have a clue, are
 played with, toyed with, then snuffed. Heart attack, prostate cancer,
gonad cancer, lung cancer, etc......

 I am considered and expert on the alien race because I was attacked and
"taken down unfairly"(no I haven't been hack to
 pieces yet, but I'm sure that's being planned as I type this
 I know about the alien race because they have me stranded
 in one of their alien hive cities(Cincinnati, OH).
 Now you know why they call them the REDS.

 So, male pattern baldness isn't natural. Can we get our
 hair back? Yes. Start publishing information about the alien
 race and what they are doing(systematic extermination of human
 males). Oh, guys. What about the women. Who do you think is
 taken the men down unfairly? Welcome to the real world.

 More information:
 (if you can't access mansue, try a net searc)

 I need sponsors, donations, and publicity.
 My civil rights case is a "Slavery-Death Penalty" Case. It's not
another case! Its a War against the alien race!

 Wayne Manzo,
 Publisher, Plaintiff

 wmanzo at
 wmanzo at
 (why bother, its all censored)

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