Heavy/light chains on Coomaasie gel??

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There is twice as much protein mass in a H than than a light chain
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> Hello,
> I've been using Coomassie Blue staining to get a rough idea of the
> concentration of normal rabbit serum. When I do this, I notice that the
> bands corresponding to the heavy chains stain significantly more intensely
> than the light chain bands... should these be the rough the same intesity
> since one IgG contains 2 heavy chains and two light chains??
> I'm trying to match the concentration of this normal rabbit serum to a
> known amount of immune rabbit serum so that I can perform an
> immunoprecipitation with equivalent amounts of IgG's... which bands should
> I try to match in intensity (between my immune serum and my non-immune
> serum), the heavy chains of each, or the light chains??
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