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I am trying to assemble some information regarding human
B-lymphoblastoid cell lines.  Specifically, I am interested in knowing
the answers to four questions:

1) Is there evidence that the cell line functions normally as an
antigen-presenting cell for CD8+ T cells?
2) What is the growth rate of the cell line?
3) Has stable transfection been accomplished, and by what method?
4) Are pure single-cell subclones readily obtainable, either by sorting
or limiting dilution?

I have this information for only one cell line, the B-lymphoblastoid
cell line LCL 721 from Robert DeMars.  Answers:

1) Yes
2) Doubling time between 36 and 48 hours
3) Not sure about the parent line LCL 721.  However, its mutant
subclone 721.221 has been transfected by electroporation, using the
eukaryotic expression vector pBJ1-neo, so the parent line should
probably also work.
4) Yes

If anyone can share information of this type for other human B-LCL, I
would greatly appreciate it.  I am currently sifting through Medline for
this information, however I suspect that talking to an informed person
will be faster.


John J. Ladasky Jr., Ph.D.
formerly of Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA
in transit to Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

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