Ascites in Rabbits?

Joe Chandler jchandler at
Wed Sep 13 11:02:44 EST 2000

I think it will not work unless you immunocompromise the rabbits.  The
reason you can generate ascites in mice is that the hybridoma cell lines are
derived from syngeneic mice.  That allows the resulting fused hyrbidomas to
be "transplanted" back into syngeneically matched mice and the cells will
grow to produce ascites.  Rabbits as far as I know are not inbred to the
same degree as mice.  The cell lines that you generate will not grow because
of histo-incompatibility unless you knock out the rabbit's immune system.
You can do this with irradiation (impractical) or chemotherapy (most
likely).  Let us know if you get this to work for you.
As an aside, I would keep your plans under wraps.  I think if any IACUC got
wind of your plans you would be stopped from doing this.

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