Random peptide libraries

mdp96tab at shef.ac.uk mdp96tab at shef.ac.uk
Mon Apr 2 10:33:46 EST 2001

Dear All,
      I'm mailing to request further information and possible donations of
random peptide libraries. I've been using a couple of commercially available
libraries (7mer to 12mer) to look for peptide sequences which bind cell
surface receptors... so far I have been unsuccessful in locating a suitable
sequence and am hoping to broaden my search by using a panel of libraries. So
my question is this, do any of you out there have a small amount of a phage
based random peptide library that you'd be willing for me to try in my
system, or know of people whom I could approach regarding this matter ?



Tom Barr
Division of Genomic Medicine (F-floor),
University of Sheffield Medical School,
Beech Hill Road,
S10 2RX
Tel.: 0114 271 2983
Fax.: 0114 273 9926

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