activation and secondary ligands

Mark Haynes Mark.Haynes at Mail.TJU.Edu
Tue Apr 3 14:32:51 EST 2001

Hello all,
I was just wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of an
answer to this,
what is the 'normal' expression of cd40L, cd28 and ctla-4 in virgin vs
memory T cells(human preferably)?  I know that ctla-4 is negligible
until cells are stimulated, and you can stain for expression after 48
hours but is that true for virgin and memory T's and what about the
other markers, do they get reduced on memory cells? upregulated after a
short stimulation?
is there a way to stain for activated form of LFA-1 (you know the
conformational change in the membrane integrin)?

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