FW: Consulting Scientists Wanted

Nieves Gonzalez Ramon ni.gonzalez.ramon at wxs.nl
Thu Apr 12 18:00:52 EST 2001

So far the offer seems to be only good for U.S.-based scientists - at least
this is their reply when inquiring.
It looks nothing better than "make money fast" posts....

workanywhere wrote:

> INGENUTIY SYSTEMS is looking for Consulting Scientists
> We are a company building next-generation information technologies that will
> change the way functional genetic data will be used by research scientists.
> We need the help of research scientists to accomplish our goal of providing
> researchers with timely access to the knowledge they need to make better
> decisions faster.
> Qualifications: PhD or PhD students in Molecular and Cellular Biology,
> Biochemistry, Genetics or a related field (no software or programming
> expertise required)
> Responsibilities: Read and extract information from peer-reviewed articles
> in leading journals
> Benefits of being a Consulting Scientist:
>         * Set your own schedule, you decide when and how much you work
>         * Make money - our consultants make several hundred to several
> thousand dollars per month
>         * Improves your ability to quickly read and comprehend journal
> articles
>         * You can work from anywhere via the Internet
>         * Being a Consultant looks great on your resume or CV
>         * Allows you to experience an alternative scientific career field
> For more details about becoming a Consulting Scientist go to
> www.workanywhere.ingenuity.com
> For general information about INGENUITY SYSTEMS go to www.ingenuity.com
> ****If you refer a friend who becomes a Consulting Scientist, we'll give you
> $100 - details at the website****
> ---

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