Till stud med Thaddaeus.T.Wissniowski at med.stud.uni-erlangen.de
Wed Apr 25 13:51:09 EST 2001

I'm searching some products for rabbit T-cells. I want to make an ELISPOT
and need an antibody to rabbit IFN gamma. Does somebody know if human is
crossreactive, or knows someone a source to get such an antibody???
Please help me.
Now my problem en detail:
I make a dissertation in medicine and have to detect if t-cells are
activated in present of an special antigene or not. But the main problem is,
the t-cell are from rabbits.
At the moment I detect T-cell activation by a BrdU-ELISA.
A friend told me about an ELISPOT. He makes that with human T-cells, and he
only need 3 days -- I need 23 days for that ELISA (10 days culturing than
stimulation with PHA to get more cells and 10 days after that I can make a
BrdU ELISA (ROCHE) (3 days), which doesn't match very well)
Please help me!

With kind regards T.Wissniowski

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