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Wed Dec 5 11:16:15 EST 2001

Have you checked your personal credit reports recently?

If you are planning making any major purchase like purchasing a Home or 
newcar or getting a new job or even a promotion, on!

You need to have a GOOD to EXCELLENT credit rating.  If you do already, 
that's important, but if you know your credit is less than perfect, you need 
to get those negative remarks REMOVED, LEGALLY and quickly.

How?  It's easier than you think.

With NuCredit Software YOU can clear any negatives already on your 
credit reports, This requires NO experience OR special skills from you to use our 

This is how we can help:

Getting "Excellent Credit" has never been easier at

For the first time ever, we have simplified this process and made it 
easy for thousands just like you that are looking for a safe and legal and 
easy way to remove "bad credit" permanently, once and for all!. NuCredit 
can remove Judgements, Bankruptcies, Tax liens and any other
negative ratings, in fact, ANYTHING that is reported on your credit.

"We" will not clear your negative credit, but "you" can, and easily 
too. You are not going to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to do 
it,or depend on someone you don't even know to take action. 

If you can send an email, you can operate our software. It's just that 

This "Fast and easy-to-use" program is called, NuCredit. 

Here is a brief description:

The easiest and most effective credit program available today. 
NuCredit is designed to improve and remove negative items on
your personal credit reports at home or the office quickly and 
effectively. This is your first step to achieving financial independence. 

NuCredit does it all "Step by Step"...Each easy-to-understand step 
is designed to remove negative credit remarks on each of the major 
credit bureau files, legally! Never before, has it been easier to 
remove negative credit just like the professionals. 

This program is the complete route to getting, using, and managing your 
credit reports wisely even if you're unskilled in credit or computers. 
10 minutes a month is all you need to: 

Remove negative items from each credit report: 

TRW (Experian), TransUnion, CBI/Equifax 

Communicate with the credit bureaus without fear or reprisal. 

Review your credit reports on a consistent cycle (every 30 days!) 

Manage your own credit reports easily. 

Now "you" have control over your reports. 

Re-establish good credit, Fast and easy!" 

Please go to:

Let's get started today!. Don't let another minute pass.

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