Laszlo Radvanyi laszlo55 at
Sat Dec 15 20:57:55 EST 2001

So far as I know there are no defined class I or class II epitopes for GFP.
But, if there is anyone out there that knows of one that would be great.
An interesting suggestion may be to make a fusion of some sort between B-gal
and a short sequence having defined epitopes separated by a short peptide
sequence that can be cleaved by the proteasome.

Laszlo Radvanyi

"Simon Frost" < at> wrote in message
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> Hi,
>  I'm looking for memory responses in T cells educated with Dendritic cells
> transfected with Flu NP as part of my project. I use DC's transfected with
> EGFP expressing  plasmid to monitor transfection efficiency. However, when
> measure T cell activation by ELISPOT the EGFP gives a high background in
> some but not all donors. Does anybody know of any characterised epitopes
> within EGFP or which HLA backgrounds are responsible.
> thanks in advance
> frostie

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