Apoptosis induction and quantification

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without a ref I would think that at least a 2-3 log dose-response experiment
would be in order.  Morr work more data
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> I would like to carry out an adaptation of the apoptosis assessment assay
> used by Monti et al. (Mech. Age. Dev. 121: 239-250). Briefly, it would
> involve the incubation of whole blood with and without 2-deoxy-D-ribose
> an oxidative apoptosis inducer) for 48 hours. Apoptosis would then be
> measured with Annexin V and PI on the flow cytometer. I cannot find a
> protocol on the internet where somebody has carried this out before and so
> do not know what quantity of 2-deooxy-D-ribose should be used. Any
> or advice on this procedure would be most gratefully received.
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