Flasks or petri-dishes for Panning

Mark Haynes mark.haynes at mail.tju.edu
Mon Dec 24 10:27:44 EST 2001

if you are looking for pre-treated flasks that have anti-cd3 or another
antibody, then i would suggest disposable columns instead.  lots of places
sell these types of things R+D, stem cell technologies, magnetic beads work
to but you need the accesories.

"Yongmao Yu" <yongmao at cc.huji.ac.il> wrote in message
news:Pine.OSF.4.40_heb2.09.0112231848300.16725-100000 at yam-suff.cc.huji.ac.il
> I am looking for flasks or petri-doshes for PANNING experiments. The
> flasks have to be specially treated? I know Applied Immune Science Inc
> selling such things but I failed to find information how to contact them.
> Any help will be appreciated.

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