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The Bureau of Missing Heirs, Inc. is one of the leading heirfinding firms in America - in the world for that matter 

- and each year we keep growing. Over the last 16 years we have brought good news to over 2000 people who knew 

nothing about any inheritance, and without our efforts in finding them, would have got nothing.

Until the advent of the Internet, missing heirs would generally never hear about these cases, and thus the money 

would remain unclaimed and be pocketed by the government.

But now, people around the world can sit comfortably in front of their monitor and scroll 'til their heart's content 

with the hope that maybe, just maybe, a name will jump out at them. Also, instead of scanning the entire list, you 

may want to enter a particular name and click the "search" button. To learn more about our company click on the link 


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