Purifying small volumes of antibodies

Phlebas phlebas at talk21.com
Fri Feb 2 13:04:59 EST 2001

Have you thought of protein G coated magnetic beads? Dynal sell
Dynabeads for purification of antibodies from volumes of up to 1 ml, if
your concentration is > 1 ug/ml (you could do your 2 ml twice?). See
http://www.dynal.no for details.


> I am looking for some suggestions to purifiy small volumes (~2 ml
supe) of
> monoclonal antibodies.  I've found filter plates from several
> for DNA purifications, but not proteins.
> I am currently looking at using filter plates with small amounts of
> G, then eluting and collecting into 96 well plates.  I'm concerned
that I'll
> lose more than recover.
> Any suggestions?
> Nanci

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