Oral vaccines conundrum

Mark Haynes Mark.Haynes at Mail.TJU.Edu
Tue Feb 27 14:41:05 EST 2001

there is a probability that food antigens are recognized.
there are documented tolerance pathways  that operate after ingesting
and there is obvious evidence that some individuals are "allergic" to
some foods

also don't forget that a lack of a recognized response doesn't mean
there is no response, and tolerance is a response too.

this is off the cuff
'cause I don't have available mucosal immunity info

Jeffrey Atkinson wrote:

> To All;
>         I'll be brief because this could be very silly.
>         If at least a humoral immune response is possible by
> ingesting a protein (say an attenuated virus) then why do we not
> raise a response against all foreign ingested proteins?
>         Coming from parts quite distant from immunology.....
>         Jeffrey
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