FREE SATELLITE T.V. SYSTEM - ya, right?!?!

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Tue Jan 9 12:07:32 EST 2001

This looks like "Bait & Switch" to me.
The "watch over 500 channels of Digital Broadcast" ....
Do call the toll-free phone number and ask for a complete list of ALL 500
channels - They don't have it, its NOT REAL!
Also to get your "FREE" satellite receiver, you are required to sign-up for
and pay for a year of service with this company.  

Please note that this ad-copy is simply a cut&paste from a spam message that has
been circulating for about a year.  Makes one wonder if these people have a
product at all or are simply trolling for suckers......
In article <20010109153742.030FB41686 at>,
jaliawebner at says...
>Watch over 500 channels of Digital Broadcast quality television on
>your own FREE satellite television system. These new Digital satellite
>systems use the new 20 inch satellite dish antenna.
>For a limited time we'll give you this top of the line Digital Satellite
>System for FREE! We'll even include Free installation and 3 FREE months of
>all the movie channels!
>This is the New DishNetwork digital satellite system. It has interactive
>T.V. capabilities, on screen program guide, 2 dual LNB's, stereo CD sound
>and infrared remote. Normal cost for all these items is over $500 but
>we're giving it away for FREE!
>All you have to do is call us to arrange delivery and order the channels
>you want to receive. Satellite television offers over 500 channels of all
>digital broadcast video quality, movies, sports, specials, network, cables
>channels and more all with CD audio stereo sound. You may even get local
>channels now. Don't miss this offer, it's only available while supplies
>As a Bonus, Receive A FREE 3 Day 2 Night Vacation for 2!
>Choose From 20 Destinations:
>Las Vegas, NV -- Laughlin, NV -- Reno, NV -- Lake Tahoe, NV
>Honolulu, HI -- Daytona Beach, FL -- Orlando, FL -- Myrtle Beach, SC
>Anaheim, CA -- (Disneyland Area) -- Palm Springs, CA -- New Orleans, LA
>Seattle, WA  -- Gatlinburg, TN -- San Antonio, TX -- White Mountain, NH
>Atlantic City, NJ -- Pocono Mountains, PA -- Branson, MO -- Victoria, BC
>Puerto Vallarta, MX -- Cancun, MX -- Mazatlan, MX
>REMEMBER, this incredible OFFER is only available while supplies!
>------ For your FREE Satellite System & FREE 3 Day 2 Night Vacation for 2!
>Call 1-888-538-5731  Live Operators Standing By 24 Hours A Day! Mention
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