Question Regarding T Cells

Mark Haynes Mark.Haynes at Mail.TJU.Edu
Fri Jan 19 18:18:24 EST 2001

Rather than shed light I'm gonna give you a reference
its a SCIENCE mag
vol 248-june 15, 1990
it has a number of reviews on tolerance. a more recent issue dealt with cell.
immunol. oct. 6, 2000
have fun!

"Gilbert F. Douglas, IV" wrote:

> Dear All,
> I have a question regarding the maturation of the TCR.  I have learned in my
> undergrad immunology course that during the course of maturation in the
> thymus T cells are subjected to many of the proteins that are commonly found
> in the body and those that respond are eliminated (negative selection I
> think).  To my knowledge this helps the body to insure that no T cells are
> matured that recognize self proteins and thus elicit an autoimmune response.
> Today however I was informed that there is a way that a T cell may
> "graduate" from the Thymus and still recognize a self antigen.  Some how,
> also, this is thought to be advantageous.  However I can not see how this
> can either happen or be advantageous.
> Can someone please shed a little light on this subject for me.  I would
> greatly appreciate it.
> Thanks in advance,
> Gilbert Douglas
> Samford University
> Birmingham, Alabama

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