cryopreservers for E. coli O157

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Fri Jan 26 06:09:34 EST 2001

Can anyone be of any assistance.

I am trying to isolate E. coli O157 and due to the sensitivity of the research, I have to store samples for at least 6 months at -80.  Samples are pre-enriched in buffered peptone water and I'm looking for information on the best cryopreservative for a 10 ml sample which may or maynot contain E. coli O157 and if it does it may very well be in a stressed state.
Any suggestions of what to use? 
(Samples are swabs looking at bovine faecal contamination - related to food products)
I am trying glycerol and have have been advised to try trehalose, but any other information or suggestions would be most welcome.

Thanks Helen
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Comparative  Epidemiology & Informatics 
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University of Glasgow
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