Fall 2001 Tenure Replacement

Greg Beck Greg.Beck at umb.edu
Mon Jan 29 11:14:22 EST 2001

Hi All:

During the Fall 2001 term (9/2001 - 12/2001) the Department of Biology is
looking for someone to teach "Introduction to Immunology" with lab. as a
tenure replacement. It's really a great bunch of students and a supportive

The course enrollment is usually between 60 - 70 students with approximately
30 students in the lab. There are graduate students in place who can teach
the lab. The book that has been used is Kuby's Immunology.

Please let others in your department or lab who may be interested know about
this. This is a great opportunity for Post-Doc's and others to get some
teaching experience.

I'm not sure about the pay, you can e-mail to the department chair (Dr.
Michael Shiaris, michael.shiaris at umb.edu) for all that sort of info.
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