preparation of single cell suspensions

Joe Chandler jchandler at
Mon Jan 29 15:32:46 EST 2001

We do the following:
If you are removing lymph nodes, it is very easy to generate a single cell
suspension.  Place the nodes in a sterile petri dish with a balanced salt
solution and 2.5 to 10% serum.  Using a forceps to hold the node and the
plunger of a 3 or 5cc syringe and tamp the node.  The cells will liberate
For spleens, you will need to buy wire mesh.  The reason stainless steel is
recommended is that it can be washed and autoclaved.  The wire mesh serves
to position the spleen segments.
Again, place the spleen into a petri dish with serum-supplemented balanced
salt solution.  Mince the spleen with scissors.  Tamp the chunks of spleen
with the plunger of a 3 -5cc syringe against the wire mesh.  In a matter of
minutes, you will have a single cell suspension of spleen cells.
Good luck.

<hsnel at> wrote in message news:C12569E3.004EC747.00 at
> I am looking for equipement for dissociation of lymphoid organs into
single cell
> suspension. What company sells this in Holland/Europe? And why do most
> refer to stainless steel sieves? Other (i.e. disposable) material cannot
be used
> for this purpose?
> Hans Snel
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