Can HIB shots be mixed?

LudwigC ludwigchen at
Wed Jan 31 00:06:46 EST 2001


We are new to the US. My son took his ACT-HIB shots when he was 5, 7 and 9
months old. They were the same shots from the same vaccine manufacture
"Pasteur Merieux MSD" from Lyon France. He should take his final HIB shot
shortly. But we couldn't find the vaccine from the same manufacturer in the
US. The US ACT-HIB vaccine is made by Aventis Pasteur in Lyon France. We
heard that HIB shots should only be taken with the same brand for it to be
effective because different manufactures use different formulas and
compositions. But others say it is ok to mix brands. Even the pedestrians we
asked said either way. We checked the two vaccines and found they had
different compositions. We wonder if it is safe to give our son the US
vaccine? Has anyone have this experience to share with us?


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