preparation of single cell suspensions

Brian hess BH711 at
Wed Jan 31 16:42:13 EST 2001

hsnel at wrote in <C12569E3.004EC747.00 at>:

>I am looking for equipement for dissociation of lymphoid organs into
>single cell suspension. What company sells this in Holland/Europe? And
>why do most papers refer to stainless steel sieves? Other (i.e.
>disposable) material cannot be used for this purpose?
>Hans Snel

We gave up using the stainless steel sieves. We now use the disposable  
ones ,no more autoclaving, contamination..etc just throw it away and use a 
new one.

Becton Dickison/Falcon Sterile 40,70,100 micron mess. Fits right over a 
50ml centifuge tube. Break up the spleen/node right into the tube use a 
syringe plunger. These are the way to go. There really is no reason not to 
use them except "that's the way it was always done"

Brian Hess

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