Immunohistochemistry on Pottasium Channels

Micki Kobylk guinness at
Tue Jun 12 12:48:12 EST 2001

Re channel antibodies - I have been recently looking into other channel
antibodies and have just received a "flyer" [catalog up-date] from Chemicon
"Antibodies for Channel Research" and there is an entire page of potassium
antibodies.  Perhaps contacting a representative from this company would
assist you in your search.  I have used several neurotransmitter/transporter
ab's from Chemicon with excellent result.  No, I don't work for this
company; but have been impressed with service, response to very specific
questions from their R & D dept and quality of products.  Good luck in your
Micki Kobylk
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Mark Haynes <Mark.Haynes at Mail.TJU.Edu> wrote in message
news:3AEEFACE.DBAA7197 at Mail.TJU.Edu...
> There are so many companies that sell abs.  If you know of any one who
> subscribes to linscott's (it a antibody source database kinda thing that
> can be searched) you should check there.  Otherwise, are the proteins
> themselves available?  Is so maybe you could make some anti-sera with
> rabbits or something like that.
> good luck
> markH
> Matt Ireland wrote:
> > Dear Colleagues
> >
> > I'm currently doing research on the potassium channel, the m-current.
> > The current is comprised of two gene subunits, KCNQ2 and KCNQ3. At this
> > stage, I would like to examine the distribution using fluorescent
> > antibodies for these gene subunits. Unfortunately, I have searched
> > almost every antibody company I can find, with no results. I recognise
> > that these newsgroups are spread across a number of different
> > disciplines in immunology, but if anyone is familiar with these
> > antibodies or where to acquire them, I'd be most grateful if you could
> > let me know.
> >
> > With Thanks Matthew

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