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an alternatine technique for the Cell-ELISA is the cell-membrane-ELISA, which
is described in detail in  Tur et al., 2001, Selection of scFv phages on intact
cells under low pH conditions leads to a significant loss of insert-free
phages, BioTechniques, 30, 404-408. It works very well.


yangxx schrieb:

> is there anyone doing the cell-elisa?if someone did it ,can you giceme  the
> protocol.and i have   some questions:
>  1)if  A450 of negative control( using the irrelevance cells) is high,how
> can i reduce this.
> 2)if i use the cell-culture plate but not the plate that is special for the
> cell-elisa to do this expriment,is there any  influence to  the results?
> thanks a lot!
> <http://www.biowww.net/forum/read.php?f=3&i=427&t=427>
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