dendritic cells purification

Mark Haynes Mark.Haynes at Mail.TJU.Edu
Wed Mar 21 15:12:45 EST 2001

clumps are never good when you are using a column
stemcell technologies inc. may be of some help
they are located in vancouver

you could also isolated mono and then differentiate them to DC

vuvu at wrote:

> Hi
> I have problems in immunomagnetic purification of dendritic cells  from
> human buffy coats. I'm doing a positive selection of CD14 cells  and I
> get variable purity which ultimately affects consistently the quality of
> the cells at later steps. I think that the problem might be at the
> column step when I notice clumps formation.  I'd greatly appreciate if
> you could give me your advice.
> Thanks
> Daniela
> ---

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