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Jan Beth DeJarnette DejarneJ at naos.si.edu
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     I have some questions regarding the number of DR Beta genes within the DR region and allelic designation (nomenclature) and they are as follows:

1)  Does  the number of functional Beta genes within the DR region vary between individuals.  If so then what is the max number of genes one can have per arm of  chromosome 6  (ie. mother has 3 functional beta genes and father has 4 functional beta genes so offspring has a total of 7 functional)?

2)  If the mother has 3 functional genes are they always designated as Beta1, (Beta2=pseudogene), Beta 3, and Beta 4 (thus the fathers would be Beta 1, (Beta2=pseudogene), Beta 3, Beta 4 and Beta 5)?

3)  What are the number of pseudogenes per arm and does this also vary depending upon the haplotype of the individual?

4)  Do the loci designations "dictate" the allelic designations?  For example can the allele at the Beta 1 locus be a DRB3*####  allele or is it always a DRB1*#### allele?

Any known references as well as info about expression patterns in different haplotypes would be welcomed.

Thank you in advance,

Jan DeJarnette

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