Dendritic cells

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Thu Mar 29 19:37:19 EST 2001

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> really, please explain?
> markH
> > > Blood cells
> > > I think of them as a differentiated form of monocyte.
> >
> > Which is almost entirely but not completely incorrect...  8^}
> >
> > Ian.

There are many more learned people than I and many good reviews where 
you could find a better reply, but suffice it to say there is evidence 
that some DC subsets can be derived via monocytes, others by a 
lymphoid pathway, some via granulocytes, some via CD34+ progenitors 
without recapitulating the other lineages.  This does not include 
other DC family members, such as dermal or follicular DCs.

The whole area of monocyte/DC interactions is a fascinating field of 
research.  I think these cells should be classified functionally 
rather than morphologically/ontologically.

And as to whether it all happens that way in vivo as opposed to in 
vitro observations, well, that's a whole other story....!


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