www service HLA-DR binding peptide prediction

Michael J. Palmowski alphahelix at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 3 02:05:20 EST 2001

Dear Harpreet,

thanks for posting the news. Is the website already active? what is the
address (URL)
of the server?



"Harpreet Singh" <hsingh at imtech.res.in> wrote in message
news:46fa3a38.0110022146.632ab22b at posting.google.com...
> Dear
> I need your suggestion. I have developed the webserver employing 51
> HLA-DR matrices from literature by Struniolo et al., 1999. The server
> can deliver online predictions in graphical or HTML formats. It may be
> useful in selecting promiscuous or allele specific MHC class II
> binders.
> What I ask from you is the additional features which you think would
> improve the applicability of server
> Thanks
> Harpreet Singh
> Research Fellow
> Bioinformatics Centre
> Institute of Microbial Technology
> Chandigarh, INDIA.

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