elispot variability

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>>>>> "dq" == diogenes quintana <diogenes.quintana at cigb.edu.cu> writes:

    dq> Dear college We frequently determine CTL activity in immunized
    dq> mice by interferon gamma ELISPOT assay. Up to now we have
    dq> worked with spleen cells. We assay CTL activity in individual
    dq> mice. Now, working with some particular immunogens (e.i,
    dq> recombinant viruses, via i.p) we have noted much variability
    dq> between mice tested of same group. The variability could be as
    dq> follow: 453 spots per 10(6) cells, 1786 x10 (6), and 8452 x10
    dq> (6), in three mice tested. Working with naked DNA this have
    dq> not occurred yet. All this difficult too much any comparison.

    dq> We ask for somebody else with ELISPOT experience:

    dq> How many individual mice are recommended to tested in ELISPOT
    dq> assay?  If you use statistics to compare between groups? What
    dq> statistic method do you use?  Any Recommendation or help will
    dq> be accepted.

You might check out the AIDS Vaccine 2001 WWW site (I can't recall
where it is, but google should help).  Michael Hudgens was the lead
author on a nice poster regarding data analysis for ELISPOT assays,
from our stat group.  This was for HIV vaccines, but should be


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