Rolling Resistance, Sept 15, 2001, Lansing Michigan

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Join us to support American citizens in uniform suffering from the
Pentagon's mandatory Anthrax Vaccine

Victims and Experts Discuss Corruption & Consequences

September 15, 2001

12:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Lansing, Michigan

Steps of the State Capitol

Live band beginning at 11:30 a.m.

Sponsored in part by:

The Anthrax Vaccine Network (AVN) The National Organization of

Americans Battling Unnecessary Servicemember Endangerment (NO ABUSE)

Hosted by: Ms. Randi Allaire, and Mrs. Robin Hawes (formerly Smith-Groll)

Ms. Allaire served in the Armed Forces for nine years, and was a member of
the 110th Fighter Wing, Air National Guard, MI, for 3 ½ years. She received
her 4th shot in March of 1999, and be-came very ill from short-term memory
loss, vertigo, chronic fatigue, migraines, shortness of breath and aching
joints/muscles. She received no medical treatment from the military, only
denials. Due to her continuing illness, she refused the 5th shot, and was
ultimately discharged under Honorable Conditions. She has testified in front
of Congress, and has devoted her spare time to helping and supporting
service members with the same challenges.

Ms. Hawes served in the Armed Forces for over 14 years. She was a member of
the 110th Fighter Wing, Air National Guard, Battle Creek, MI. She received
her 4th anthrax vaccination in March of 1999. Following the vaccination she
be-came extremely ill with tremors in her right arm, chronic fatigue,
migraines, rashes, vertigo, shortness of breath, abdominal cramping and
memory loss.  The National Guard Bureau medically disqualified her from
continued military service. Subsequently she was discharged from the 110th
Fighter Wing.  Robin has also testified in front of Congress. She is the
mother of four children.

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Speaker Biographies

Dr. Meryl Nass - Dr. Nass is a practicing physician in her civilian
occupation. She has been actively researching the anthrax vac-cine for over
ten years, and is considered an expert in this field. By default, she has
become an activist against the A.V.I.P. She has testified numerous times
before congress and the House Sub-Committee. Her testimonies are yet to be
refuted by the Depart-ment of Defense. For more information about Dr. Nass,
please visit her website at:

SRA (former) Tom Colosimo - SRA Tom Colosimo has had over 700 blackouts
since receiving the Anthrax Vaccine. He has extreme chemical sensitivity
where almost any chemical will send him into a delirium episode. The Air
Force awarded him a mere 64% disability. Currently he is unemployable. He
has been rated by Social Security as 100% disabled, and now waits a decision
from the Veteran's Administration (VA). To find out more information about
Tom, please visit his website at:

MAJ (Former) Sonnie Bates - MAJ Sonnie Bates was transferred to Dover Air
Force Base (AFB) in August of 1999. He was the Chief Operations and Analysis
Branch for the 436th Operations Group. MAJ Bates began noticing severe side
effects in the pilots of the unit who had received the Anthrax Vaccination
and began his own investigation of the cluster. Of 252 questionnaires sent
to the pilots of Dover AFB, 139 were completed and re-turned. The reactions
he discovered among this group ran parallel with Gulf War Syndrome (GWS).
MAJ Bates then refused to receive the Anthrax Vaccine. Ultimately, he
received an Honorable Discharge Under General Conditions, despite his
exemplary record and accomplishments. To learn more about MAJ Bates and the
information he has discovered through research, visit his web-site at

MAJ Jon Irelan - MAJ Jon Irelan received four anthrax vaccinations. After
receiving his 4th vaccination, he began to develop loss of facial hair,
severe loss of testosterone, rapid weight gain, mood swings, severe groin
pain, a substantial loss of muscular strength and severe fatigue. Military
physicians refused to connect his symptoms to the anthrax vaccine. A report
recording symptoms was never even filed by the military on his behalf.

COL. (Retired) Redmond Handy - a vocal critic of the military's mandatory
Anthrax Vaccination Immunization Policy (A.V.I.P.). He founded the National
Organization of Americans Battling Unnecessary Service member Endangerment
(NO ABUSE). After extensive research, and meeting those ill from the shots,
Mr. Handy retired in protest from his Pentagon position as a full Colonel in
the Air Force Reserve. He has testified before the House National Security
Subcommittee and the House Armed Services Personnel Sub-committee. Mr. Handy
has helped vaccine victims legitimately avoid further shots, obtain
Congressional assistance, and receive shot-related disability rulings from
the Veteran's Administration. As an expert witness, he has discussed the
vaccine's problems on many national and local media forums and has written
several articles.

How You Can Help

Ben Franklin has been credited as saying, "Justice will not be served until
those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are." Until the public
becomes out-raged at the unethical treatment of our national heroes who keep
the world safe for democracy, experiments like the A.V.I.P. will continue.
This program is only the beginning -- the Pentagon has 18 new biowarfare
vaccines under development, along with an HIV/AIDS shot. Our men and women
of the Armed Forces are not second-class citizens to be used as guinea pigs.
You can: 1. Seek state legislation that prohibits National Guard commanders
from using experimental medicines. 2. Write and call your Representatives
and Senators and demand better for our fighting force. 3. If our elected
Government officials cannot provide better for our soldiers, demand and vote
for an official who will! 4. And when you have an opportunity, please thank
a veteran for preserving our rights of free speech and voting power.

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