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I would also be appreciated, if I got some knowledge from monoclonal antobodies&
affinity. i have done experiments with monoclonal abs with FCS (Fluorescence
Correlation Spectroscopy) based on Brownian thermal motion, in much lower
concentration than nanomolar, near picomolar range, because of the sensitivity of
this single molecule technique and thus, if nanomolar range is used, huge
aggregations is to be seen.
best regards,
Jouni Toivola

Geert De Jaeger wrote:

> For those having a lot of experience with raising monoclonal antibodies
> by hybridoma technology I have the following question:
> What is the range of affinities of a panel of monoclonal antibodies
> against a certain antigen. Do you  always obtain affinities in the
> nanomolar range or does this depend on the antigen and the immunization?
> Could someone give me results of affinity determinations of different
> panels of antibodies raised against different antigens.
> Kind regards,
> Geert
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