H-2b T Helper epitopes

Ian Davis Ian.Davis at ludwig.edu.au
Thu Sep 27 03:20:13 EST 2001

On 26 Sep 2001 19:21:56 GMT, kfrauwir at mail.med.upenn.edu (Kenneth A
Frauwirth) wrote:

>On Fri, 21 Sep 2001 20:42:37 +0100, Simon Frost 
><Frostie.Football at btinternet.com> wrote:
>>    I am interested in using H-2b restricted helper epitopes in  a mouse
>>model. Is there database of epitopes in existence, or are any characterised
>>for OVA and HEL.
>I don't know about an epitope database, but there are at least a few 
>characterized H-2b helper epitopes.  Probably the best-studied is the Y-Ae 
>epitope, in which a peptide from the I-E-alpha chain is presented in A(b).  
>In addition, HEL(74-88)/A(b) is recognized by the T cell hybridoma BO4H9 
>(see Karttunen and Shastri, PNAS 88:3972).  There is also an invariant 
>chain epitope (CLIP) that can be presented on A(b) to the T cell hybridoma 
>24-2 (Morkowski et al., JEM 182:1403).
>I hope this helps,

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