Shielding for Chromium?

Mark Haynes mark.haynes at
Mon Apr 22 12:18:04 EST 2002

"Tony O'Connor" <tony.oconnor at> wrote in message
news:d1918aef.0204220337.7b836aa7 at
> Can I buy transparent shielding trays etc for use with chromium-51, or
> am I stuck with lead sheets and blocks?
> Tony.

Cr-51 different than P-32, for instance.  dose rate of unshielded CR-51, a
gamma emitter, from a 1mCi source is 0.016mR/hr at one meter.  the advised
protection is lead ( 1 cm reduces exposure 60X.  The dose rate of unshielded
P-32, a beta emitter, is 300 mR/hr at one foot.  Th use of a low density
shield is advised as this beta particle can cause significant x ray
production from within the absobing medium (ie don't use lead).

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