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Hello Dinakara,

Yes, bacterial contamination can contribute to an increase in pH.  You might
have a microbiology lab try to grow a bug out the serum but it's probably
more work than it's worth (unless you want some "peace of mind" in knowing
that you might need to be more careful with your sterile technique in the


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> Hi!
> I am Dinakar working as Post doctoral fellow at Great Lakes Forestry
> in Sault Ste. Marie, Canada. I got a  little problem in antibody storage,
> recently ( four months back) I have receievd some anti body vials
> ploy clonal rabit serum) for our purified protien from one local company,
> and I stored them at -20, they worked very well when I received.
>       Last week I used for hybridization, none of them working and I
> to notice its pH at about14.
>           I failed to understand howcome its pH raised to 14? is there any
> possiblity to chenage its pH by contamination or is there any possiblity
> another person involvement in that ( excuse me). I am totaly lost, because
> when I checked with company people they told antibody pH should be between
> 7-8.
>          Please help me to understand how come its pH changed to 14.
> Looking forward to hear from you.
> With warm regards!
> Dinakara R. Ampasala.
> <>

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