phagocytosis and killing assay for macrohages

Mark Haynes mark.haynes at
Mon Apr 29 09:53:34 EST 2002

"Virupakshagouda Patil" <veeru at> wrote in message
news:20020429072331.26900.qmail at
> hello,
> I am working with mouse peritoneal macrophages..
>  1.can anybody please suggest a simple quantitative microplate based
> phagocytosis and bactericidal assay (preferably non FACS based )?
> 2. How to take out adherent macrophages from TC plastic ware without much
> damage?
> thanks in advance...
> veeru

I don't know about the first question you asked but for getting Macs off
plates you could try
a) cold media
b) versene, which is essentially a buffered EDTA solution

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